Rate My Product

"A satisfied customer is one that will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers, and in general be an advocate superstar of your business”.

RateMyProduct automatically creates and e-mails a custom survey to your clients, requesting their feedback every time they purchase from you. You can then analyze your customer's responses in Microsoft Excel.

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$70 per month for unlimited users after the trial.


  • Increase customer loyalty and grow your client base.
  • Understand which customers you're delighting and who you're not.
  • Understand how willing your customers are to recommend your product or service to others based on their answers.

Simple Setup

  • Download and Install.
  • Connect RateMyProduct to QuickBooks with the click of a button.
  • Custom-Surveys are automatically sent to your customers.
  • View feedback in an Excel Report

Key Performance Indicators

  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Net Promoter Score